Life is a game

that you can


Life is a game, when you know what you are looking for.

Once you see it as a game, you cannot unsee, you cannot unknow.

The question is, how can you play the game of life and WIN?

That is exactly what you will learn completing this program.

"Humans suffer because they take seriously what the gods made for fun"

Alan Watts

Why enrol in

Guidance by Esu?

Continuing from what is shared in Reality Unwrapped, Guidance by Esu explores an additional nine synergetic frameworks, for mastering your relationship to reality.

The frameworks each harness consistant and repeatable patterns we can see in our own lives.

These patterns are the hidden hand which influences everything we experience.

Each mythbusting framework will reframe how you understand fundamental aspects of being human.

How does it work?

You are given access to the online portal where you will find all 10 video lessons for you to watch at your own pace.

You retain access to this portal forever, so you can always revisit the content.

Your peer group

Once you have completed the video course you will be granted access to the Guidance by Esu Tribe Group in Telegram.

In here you will find other people who have already graduated the program, so you will have lots of connection points, great for creating meaningful relationships.

Myself and my team will be present in the group available to answer any questions you may have.

About your Host

My name is Nick Bell, known as Esu Nick, and in short I am a truth seeker, Shamanic Apprentice, Spiritual Teacher & Coach.

Up until 2015 I had spent my life with my head buried in the sand, keeping myself sleeping-awake and resistant to how this reality really works. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and held a firm belief that the world was cruel and life was all about suffering.

Guidance by Esu is a collection of the most powerful frameworks and practices available to us for harmonising with reality.

When we are harmonised with reality, our life has a tendency to flow in the direction of our hearts deepest, truest desire.

I wish you good fortune for the journey ahead and hope from the bottom of my heart that what I share in this course has the same profound effect on your life as it has had on mine.


Kathleen Smith

"Nick, I wish my consciousness could have been calibrated before and after I read your book. My heart opened, my mind is dancing, my energy level is doing a happy dance! Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of yourself. I resonated most with the sections that had a visual reference, as I am a visual learner. Also, Box Consciousness is brilliant!"

Chrissy Redmond

"I have just finished your book & I have to say it has brought tears to my eyes at the end. It is beautifully written and I need to read it again, probably several times. I particularly like your Telescope Lens analogy. It most certainly will need a sequel. I am totally drawn to the exercises you suggest and love the fact that they are short which makes them doable on a daily basis. I am in awe of your journey and I hope to get to a place somewhere near to your mindset one day."

Natalia Klemanova

"I just finished your book. And I already know I will read it again. It is beautiful way how to easily introduce how reality really works to people even without previous studies, at the same time rich for those who already know something about the thing. I love your ability to put it in such a constructive way that makes so much sense. You made an amazing job explaning it such a way that it is understandable for everyone. And it is captivating and makes me want to read more and more."

Life does not have to be so chaotic,

so unpredictable

Many of us experience life, or at least some parts of life, as a series of random occurances,

a chaotic swirl which often sweeps us away.

Things may be going well, then all of a sudden something goes wrong and chaos ensues.

The level of stress we can experience during these perceived times of chaos can greatly differ.

What if I told you that life isn't really chaotic or random?

What if I told you that you are able to understand the mechanics behind everything that happens in your life?

What if I told you that you could create the life you have always dreamed of?